Klara Garamszegi

I was born in Cluj, Transylvania, Romania, in 1957. I completed my MA in English and Hungarian at the University of Sciences Babes-Bolyai, Faculty of Philology in 1980. In 1981 I moved to Hungary and worked as a lecturer of English in universities (Medical University, University of Food and Horticulture, National Defence University), teaching mainly English for Specific Purposes related to the profile of the university. At the same time, I worked as a freelance teacher for in-house company courses of Business, Technical and Scientific English. Translation and interpretation have always been of great interest to me. Between 1996 and 2009 I was intensely engaged in consecutive interpreting in mainly mental health, self-awareness and counselling trainings conducted by foreign professionals. In 2006 I completed my second MA in Professional Translation and Conference Interpretation (English – Hungarian - Romanian) at the Technical University of Budapest /University of Strasbourg. In 2009 I started working in Oman, first at the College of Applied Sciences, and from 2012 onwards at Sohar University as a lecturer and course coordinator.