Rebecca Tipton

Rebecca Tipton, Ph.D. is a Lecturer in Interpreting and Translation Studies at the University of Manchester, UK. Prior to joining academia she was a freelance translator and interpreter and helped to set up courses in community interpreting for former asylum seekers in Greater Manchester and a programme at the University of Salford, leading to the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Public Service Interpreting in English Law. Her research and publications focus on interpreting in refugee and asylum settings, and in social work with particular focus on trust, interpreter neutrality and self reflexivity. She has also published on pedagogical aspects of conference interpreting training, notably the use of reflective practice at MA level. She is co-author, with Olgierda Furmanek (Wake Forest University) of the forthcoming title with Routledge (2016): Dialogue Interpreting: A guide to interpreting in public services and the community.