Malgorzata Tryuk

Małgorzata Tryuk, Ph.Litt., Ph.D., and MA is Full Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies at the Institute of Applied Linguistics University of Warsaw, Poland. She is also the local Coordinator of the EMCI Post Graduate Program at the University of Warsaw. For 8 years she has been the Head of the Department of Translation Studies and since February 1st, 2015, she is the Head of the Department of Interpreting Studies and Audiovisual Translation at the Institute of Applied Linguistics. In 2000 she launched the first academic program in Legal Translation and Interpreting in a Polish university (IPSKT, University of Warsaw).  She is the editor of books on interpreting and translation, as well as the author of a numerous books and articles in Polish, French and English dealing with interpreting and translating in public services, conference interpreting and translating.  She is a freelance translator; member of organizations and institutions related to translation and interpretation (e.g. STP, Polish Association of Translators and Interpreters) and member of the European Society for Translation Studies.