Jemina Napier

Jemina Napier is an interpreter researcher, educator and practitioner. She has practiced as a signed language interpreter since 1988, and works between English and British Sign Language (BSL), Australian Sign Language (Auslan) or International Sign. After her initial training and work experience in the UK, she spent 15 years in Australia where she established the first postgraduate university program for signed language interpreters, and was Director of the Centre for Translation & Interpreting Research at Macquarie University in Sydney. She is now Head of the Dept of Languages & Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Her research interests focus around three strands of intercultural communication: (1) language and communication in the context of interpreter-mediated communication – primarily with (but not limited to) signed language interpreters and the Deaf community. Adopting sociolinguistic, discourse analytic and sociological explorations of interpreting in context to inform the wider field of interpreting studies and applied linguistics; (2) how deaf adults actually use signed language to communicate in their lives and the challenges this poses for signed language interpreters; and (3) translation and interpreting pedagogy, using action research to explore aspects of distance education, blended learning, curriculum innovation and discourse-based teaching practices.