Gertrud Hofer

After graduating with an MA in Modern Languages, Gertrud Hofer has been lecturing in German and translation at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in Zurich as well as working as a freelance translator.

In 2000, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting became part of Zurich University of Applied Sciences. In this context, the Centre for Continuing Professional Education was established, focusing on translation and interpreting as its main topics. Hofer initiated teaching programmes for public service interpreters together with the Section of Conference Interpreting. In establishing these courses, she became aware of the need for research in this field and started several research programmes together with clients in the legal and the medical field. Her latest study in cooperation with the university hospitals of Basel and Zurich has just been concluded, funded by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI. This study aimed to analyse real-life audiotaped medical communication with interpreters (for Albanian- and Turkish-speaking patients) from the perspective of interpreting as well as from the medical standpoint.