Jim Hlavac

Dr Jim Hlavac is a senior lecturer in Interpreting Studies within the Translation and Interpreting Studies Program at Monash University, Melbourne. He teaches post-graduate students in the Master for Interpreting and Translation Studies at Monash. Dr Hlavac has long-standing experience as a freelance translator and interpreter in Croatia, Austria, Germany and Australia. At present, he is working on the following projects: the role and performance of (professional and lay) interpreting in diaspora communities; inter-cultural communication amongst Chinese-English interpreters; provision of professional interpreter services and patient length of stay in hospitals; cross-cultural differences in rhetoric; the gender of the interpreter and/or the gender of the interpreter's clients - quantitative and qualitative data across five languages.

Dr Hlavac has been and remains an advisor to NAATI on stages 1 and 2 of the Improvements to NAATI Testing Project (2011-2016). He is an associate member of ENPSIT, and recently organised and convened 'Domestic Violence & Interpreting. A National Forum' at Monash University, Melbourne, on 24-25 September, 2015.