María Gracia Torres Díaz

Lecturer at Málaga University since 1991 in the department of Translation and Interpreting. PhD directed by Silvie Lambert from Ottawa University on Consecutive Interpreting (1996). Holder of the diploma in Public Service Interpreting granted by the Chartered Institute of Linguistic Educational Trust of London, UK. Author of the first manual published in Spain on Consecutive and Simultaneous interpreting (1998), that was translated to Polish in 2012. Author of the first DVD of audio created for the training of interpreters in English, French and Spanish. I have been the coordinator at Málaga University of several European Proyects devoted to the training of interpreters or the teaching of languages: Proyect Tempus (2003-2006). Tyumen, Siberia, Russia,  for the training of interpreters (IB_JEP23066-2002); Proyect Leonardo da Vinci, Russe, Bulgaria (2006), for the teaching of interpreting (BG/06/A/EX166116/01.06.2006).  Proyect GROTIUS-98/GR/131 (1998-2000).

And the following for the teaching of languages:

IMMILABOUR (2005-2007). ES/05/B/F/LA-149393. (English, Romanian, Portugues, Spanish).

GET REAL (2006-2008) UK/06/B/F/LA-162_527. (English, Spanish, Bulgarian).

Chinesecom. (2007-2009).135586-2007-UK-KA2-KA2MP. (Chinesse).

LearningArabic. (2008-2010).143422-LLp-1-2008-1-ES-KA2-KA2MP. (Arabic).