Carmen Valero Garcés

Carmen Valero-Garcés, Ph.D., and MA is a Professor of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Alcalá, Madrid (Spain), and the Director of the Post Graduate Program on Public Service Interpreting and Translation, offered in  nine language pairs since 2000 ( She is also the coordinator of The International Conference on Translation and Interpreting held at Alcalá since 1995 and the editor of the multilingual peer reviewed on line journal on PSIT, FITISPOS International Journal  ( She is also responsible of the Research Group FITISPos®, group dedicated to training and research in public service interpreting and translation, and a founder member of Red COMUNICA (Permanent Observatory of Communication between Languages in Cultures in Spain) and the association AFIPTISP ( She is the editor of more than a dozen of books, as well as the author of some books and articles dealing with interpreting and translating in public services, cross-cultural communication, interpreting and translating, SLA and Contrastive Linguistics.  She is a freelance translator; member of organizations and institutions related to translation and interpretation (eg ASETRAD, CCDUTI); member of several national and international scientific committees (eg CRITICAL LINK, ANEP ACSUCY, AGAE), as well as  part of the AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Accreditation) committee dedicated to working on standardization in the field of ‘Translation Services.’